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The Man Shake Chocolate

The Man Shake Chocolate


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Here at The Man Shake, we’re firm on the fact that losing weight doesn't mean you have to sacrifice life's joys — like the delicious taste of chocolate!

With our chocolate diet shakes, you're not just choosing a path to weight loss; you're embracing a lifestyle that balances nutrition, convenience, and taste. Designed for blokes like you, our shakes are your ally in the battle against the bulge, offering a no-fuss solution to weight management and overall health.

The Man Shake weight loss program is simple to follow, and the best part is that you don't have to give up the food you love or starve yourself!

Why Our Chocolate Diet Shake Delivers

Our chocolate meal replacement shake is packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients to keep you full and feel great and has a natural fat-burning formula to assist with your weight loss.

One pack of The Man Shake contains 15 servings, while The Man Shake Variety Pack contains 14 of our most popular flavours. The Man Shake GO! includes 10 servings, each containing 2 shots of caffeine, so it’s recommended you only have one per day (breakfast is the best!) alongside a regular Man Shake.


Simply swap 1-2 meals per day with one of our chocolate weight loss shakes. Each bag contains 15 meals and is equal to 1 week on the full program.

Why We Have the Best ​​Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

Wondering why we have the best chocolate meal replacement shake on the market? We’ll tell ya! It all begins with premium ingredients with no hidden nasties.

Here's what to expect in each serve of our Man Shakes:

  • Only 2.4g of sugar to avoid those afternoon energy crashes
  • 30g of high-quality whey protein to build muscle and keep you fuller longer
  • 25 vitamins and minerals to keep you in tip-top shape
  • 7.5g of dietary fibre to help digestion
  • Pre & Probiotics to boost your mood and strengthen your immune system
  • Natural fat burner formulation to increase fat loss


Grab your shaker and mix 2 scoops of our chocolate diet shake powder with cold water. Give it a good shake until it's smooth and creamy—no lumps, just a chocolate flavour explosion!

We recommend you maximise your results by pairing your chocolate weight loss shake with healthy lifestyle choices: maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise and staying hydrated.

Try Our Chocolate Diet Shake Today

Check out the thousands of Aussies who have smashed their weight loss goals with us. Whether you're a busy dad, a tradie on the go, or a corporate warrior, our chocolate diet shake will fit perfectly into your hectic schedule.

Don't wait to transform your health - just shake it up and go! We here at Team Manshake are rooting for you — you’ve got nothing to lose but those extra KGs.

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